SAMON Potato Windrowers | A class of it’s own!

The Samon windrowers are equipped with 2 sieving mats. Chisels, rollers and discs at the front of the machine ensure that the potatoes go onto the mat and stay there. On this page, you will find our different harvesting systems with the corresponding options. If you have any further questions, please ask your dealer.

Two different harvesting systems

2-row windrower

The 2-row potato harvesting machine from Samon is equipped with 2 sieving mats. The machine comes with a jaw with rollers and discs. The machine is equipped with wheels and a centre discharge as standard. An optional side discharge can be used to transport the harvested potatoes to the next row.

4-row windrower

Under development.


Side discharge

With the help of side discharge, the harvested product is moved one windrow.

Half carried/trailed version

This allows tractors to harvest with less lifting power.

Pressure roller for central discharge

For creating an even bed on which to place the harvested product.

The Samon crop harvesting machine in action

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