Samon machines

Ellens Landbouw Techniek B.V. is a specialised production company in the agro sector with onion harvesting machines as the main product group.

Ellens Landbouw Techniek started out in 1950 as an agricultural mechanisation company in the Noordoostpolder municipality. In 1978, Ellens started producing agricultural machinery under the name Samon. Over the years, this has grown from 100 to between 200 and 300 units per year. Because of this, mechanisation ceased in 2010 and the focus was shifted entirely to the production of agricultural machines.

New business premises

Our new business premises were completed in December 2019. The company previously consisted of several halls with uneven floors. The old halls also became too small for the ever-larger machines. The new building has an area of 2,500 square metres and consists of several departments, namely a welding shop, spray booth, assembly shop and office space. The new building is equipped with all modern conveniences: doors that open and close automatically, daylight that enters through the skylights, together with economical LED lighting, solar panels, a liquid-proof floor, as well as acoustic wall panels ceilings.