Samon SU300FS ‘a powerful lightweight’

September 2023

In 2023 Samon executed multiple custom projects. One of them was the development of a onion topper on wheeltrack 3,00m. We developed a topper that pushes the two most outside rows of onions to the middle. Due to this, the custumer can use a tracktor on wheeltrack 2.25m with wide wheels. The unions are pushed between the wheels onto the remaining onions. The onions are harvested with a Samon onion harverster with web 1.75m. The second web is widened to 2.00m to increase the capacity. The most imported requiremet of the customer was that the machine should be lightweight so he could work it with it with his 150hp tracktor. The machine can only be used on light sandy soil. Testing this year showed that the machine is robust enought for these conditions.

Samon has two types of haulm toppers The open and closed version. With the open version the haulm is shredded and spread over the bed. With the closed variant, also called side discharge, the haulm is blown into the wheeltrack. Due to the large amount of green haulm, the closed variant was chosen in this case. The 3m onion haulm topper is equipped with 4 rotating axles. The two axles on the left side of the machine rotate in a different direction than the two axles on the right side of the machine. This causes the haulm to be discharged left and right into the wheeltrack. Two chisels are mounted behind the folding section. The chisels are adjustable in height and angle. The ‘steel fingers’ on the inside of each chisel ensure that the onions are evenly distributed among the onions that are still in the ground. The chisel goes deep enough so that no damage occurs to onions. By using four wheels with automatic depth control, the correct folding height can be set from the tractor via remote control. The zero point of the depth control can be set from the tractor using the remote control. The machine has a length of 2.60m and a width of 3.00m. With a net weight of less than 1400kg, the SU300FS is the lightest in its class.

For further questions please contact by email or phone. or 0527-652500.