SAMON 3-Bed Onion Windrowers | A class of it’s own!!

Samon’s three-bed onion windrower has been developed to increase capacity. In this model, three harvesting-axle harvesters are mounted in a drawn frame. The machine is equipped with a steered axle with automatic center position. An automatic depth control is placed on each harvesting element. This allows the lifting elements to follow the bed independently of each other. The onions are deposited in two swaths behind the outer two harvesting elements. The machine can be easily adjusted as required by four potentiometers in the control box. The machine is available in track widths of 1.50m, 1.80m and 2.00m. Of course there are several options available for this machine, if you have any questions about this, please contact your dealer.

SU23B in practice

SU23B with serrated discs

4 potentiometers to adjust the machine to your needs

An extensive range of options, the choice is yours.

Automatic lubrication of rotating bar bearings

For a continuous flow of lubrication, allowing the bar bearings to last longer.

Automatic lubrication of all driven bearings

There is a total of 30 lubrication points.

Rubber (FarmFlex) pressure roller instead of PVC

The FarmFlex roll is self-discharging, so no scraper is needed.

Stainless steel roller instead of PVC

This makes the soil stick less to the pinch roller.

Discharge on 1 windrow

This creates fewer windrows and saves time when loading your product.


Discharge on three windrows

In this way, you spread the onions over several windrows, which ensures that the product dries better.


Hydraulically driven discs in front of the windrowers

The hydraulically driven discs ensure that the outer rows are laid inwards. This means that less soil enters the machine and the harvesting elements can be made narrower.


Height adjustment on the rear axle

An ultrasonic sensor automatically controls the height of the machine. Especially in deep discharge tracks, this can prevent damage to the machine and the product.

Manual/automatic control box

With this control box, the automatic depth control can be disabled and the height of each lifting element can be adjusted manually.

The Samon 3-bed windrower in action

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