SAMON Onion Toppers A class of it’s own!

Samon toppers are designed to top onions over track widths from 1.50 m to 2.25m. The toppers are available as a front / rear / or combi variant. A frequently chosen option is the automatic depth control, which ensures that the topper always tops at the set height. On this page you will find our different topping systems and the other options. If you have any questions, ask your dealer.

Two different toppers

Haulm topper open

The open topper is designed so that it does not fill up with soil and foliage. The open topper is equipped with plates and seals all around. There are 3 or 4 rotating shafts with 2 blades each in the machine. The topper tops a full bed. The foliage that has been topped is shredded and thrown back into the bed.

Haulm topper closed

The closed topper is a good machine for processing a lot of (green) foliage. The topper has 3 or 4 rotating shafts each with 2 blades that are placed obliquely, one behind the other. The haulm is discharged to the right side due to the positioning of the blades. The specially shaped outlet ensures that the foliage is blown into the tractor’s track.


Automatic depth control

The height is adjusted automatically by means of probes and sensors, ensuring an optimal topping height.

Remote control for (automatic) depth control

Using the remote control, you can choose between automatic or manual depth control.

Wide model topper

Tops the wheel track and the 1st row of the next bed; this is only possible with open front toppers.

Combination front + rear mounting

This topper can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor.

Load sensing connection for depth control

The depth control hoses can be connected to the power beyond of the tractor (load sensing).



Clear lights with integrated indicators. There are also width lights on the machine.

Tandem wheels

This allows driving on the Pivot tracks.

The Samon topper in action

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