SAMON Onion Windrowers | A class of it’s own!

The Samon onion windrower comes as standard with 2 sieving mats. Both sieving mats have mechanically adjustable beaters. A feed roller ensures that the infeed is automatically closed when the machine is lifted. The sieving mats are driven by the tractor’s PTO. There is always a suitable width of sieving mat available for track widths from 1.50m to 2.25m.

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Three different harvesting systems

Rotating bar

The harvester shaft is a driven 40 mm square shaft that rotates through the ground. This harvesting system turns over a minimum amount of soil. This system also ensures fewer clumps. As an option, the shaft of the harvesting machine can be boxed to improve the service life of the shaft bearings.


The disc harvesting machine was developed for clean harvesting in hard or heavy soil. The harvesting machine can harvest the onions in a very product-friendly way and without taking up too much soil. A hydraulically driven disc is mounted for each row. This means that only the ground where there are onions is worked.


The chisel harvesting machine comes with full-width chisels. The two corner chisels are larger. Above the chisels there is a flap that closes off the inputs at the end of the bed.

An extensive range of options, the choice is yours.

Twisted rotating bar

For a more constant load on the rotating bar and bearings, resulting in less wear.

Automatic lubrication on the rotating bar bearings

During rotation, the rotating bar bearings are automatically given an even coating of lubrication. This prolongs the life of the harvesting shaft bearings.

Powered intake paddle instead of intake roller

The choice is yours.

Hydraulically driven convex discs

By working the outer rows inwards with a hydraulically driven disc, the harvesting machine can be made narrower. This makes it easier for it to reach the correct depth.

Automatic depth control

If there is no room for a depth wheel on the bed, probes can be used to adjust the height. The wheels then run in the tractor track and will not damage the onions.

Other pitch sizes for sieving mats

Adapted to your wishes and needs.

Overhanging bars on the 2nd mat

Soil that is carried away by the belt of the 1st mat is better sifted out by the 2nd mat.

Flap bunker

Used for storing the product, this allows more space on the headland.

Hydraulically driven 2nd mat

The 2nd sieving belt is now driven by oil from the tractor. This often has an infinitely adjustable speed.

Mat stop on the 2nd mat

The mat stop allows the 2nd mat to be used as a bunker. This option is only possible with a hydraulically driven 2nd sieving belt.

Discharge belt for centre discharge

Cleaning is therefore no longer necessary.

Discharge belt for centre and side discharge (manual)

For several reasons, it can sometimes be convenient to move a windrow. We have a solution for this. With the manual version, the discharge belt must be extended manually.

Discharge belt for centre and side discharge (automatic)

For several reasons, it can sometimes be convenient to move a windrow. We have a solution for this. In the automatic version, the discharge belt can be extended from the tractor.

Stainless steel roller instead of PVC

The soil sticks less to the pinch roller.

Rubber (FarmFlex) pinch roller instead of PVC

The FarmFlex is self-discharging, so no scraper is needed.

Sledge for windrow formation

The sledge can be adjusted to the width of the body.

Load sensing connection for drive or depth control

The hoses from the drive or depth control can be connected to the power beyond of the tractor (load sensing). Several functions can be connected to it. Ask about the possibilities.


Clear LED lights: brake, direction and light.

Movable chisel shaft instead of fixed chisels

Ensures better infeed of the products under harsh conditions.

The Samon onion windrower in action

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