SAMON Onion Loaders A class of its own!

More and more onion growers see the need for a product-friendly onion loader. Samon has developed a loader especially for loading onions. On this page, you will find information about our 2 different types of onion loaders: the SU1L and the SU2LS. You will also find information on the options. If you have any further questions, please ask your dealer.



The loader is equipped with one sieving mat, a hedgehog belt and a discharge. The jaws are equipped with a foam feed roller so that no onions are left behind at the end of the row. A single sieving belt with adjustable beaters ensures that the soil is cleaned off, while the mat is equipped with recessed bars to prevent onions from rolling backwards. An adjustable hedgehog belt removes weeds and foliage. The loader has a steerable drawbar for making quick corrections. The sieving mat and discharge belt are driven by a hydraulic pump on the PTO shaft, the other functions are driven by the tractor. The 85 cm wide discharge can load to a height of 3.2 metres.



The SU2LS is a further development of the SU1L. The main difference is that the SU2LS has two sieving mats and can handle more capacity. The digging mat is relatively narrow to ensure that no more soil is touched than necessary. The haulm remnants that are often still found lying beside the windrow are also avoided. The second mat is wider than the digging mat to allow for sufficient cleaning. The second mat is fitted with recessed bars to prevent onions from rolling. The angle and speed of the hedgehog belt can be controlled from the tractor. The machine is equipped with star wheels for even filling of the discharge belt. The loader is equipped with a 3-part, lightweight, product-friendly discharge. The effective width of the outlet within the fingers is 105 cm. With this discharge, 100 tonnes/hour can be loaded. Regulating the speed of the discharge belt from the tractor. The loading height of the discharge is ample for large tippers. The entire loader is driven hydraulically by its own hydraulic system. The tractor supplies the oil for functions such as steering and operating the discharge.

SU2LS in practice

Good visibility in the dark with the working lights on the SU2LS



Collection of the SU1L

Two SU2LS with own transport to England

SU3LS2, double windrow onion loader (1.50 m)

SU3LS2, double windrow onion loader (1.50 m)

SU3LS2, double windrow onion loader (1.50 m)


Flap instead of infeed roller

For replacing the infeed roller to close the jaws. The choice is yours.

Jaws fitted with harvesting axle

For loading under difficult conditions.

Windrow shifting

By running the discharge conveyor temporarily in the opposite direction, the onions are shifted one windrow to the left.

Butterfly roller

For replacing an infeed roller, the choice is yours.

Working lights

Working lights on the infeed, sieving belt and discharge allow work to be carried out in the dark.

Depth control with sensors

If there is no space left on the bed for a depth wheel, the depth control of the infeed can be regulated by ultrasonic sensors.

The Samon onion loader in action

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